Cross Stitch Illustrations
Digital Illustrations
These are some illustrations I have been working on, an illustration style based on the grid patterns for cross stitching. Traditionally, the patterns have one-grid icons, representing each colour to be used in cross stitching.
After looking at some of these patterns, I realized that I found them to be much prettier than the finished product, so I wanted to do my own.
To make the illustrations work, I had to make a grayscale spectrum from an array of one-grid icons, and then put them in their corresponding place on a pixelated grayscale image. Removing the underlying image, a recognizable picture emerged from the pattern. This is a style I am still working on, I have used it in some promotional work for my electronic music project Sysselmannen and for a large in-store vinyl-cut wall for a fashion boutique in reykjavik.
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This picture of a polar bear and her cubs is yet another tribute to my mecca in the north, Svalbard.