Sequences 2008
Sequences/The Living Arts Museum, Reykjavík
Sequences is a real-time art festival in Reykjavík, Iceland hosted annually by The Living Arts Museum. They approaced Jónas Valtýsson, Sveinn Davíðsson and myself for art-directing the festival. We teamed up, with Mundi helping for some parts, and produced printed material and a website for this ever-growing festival.
The final product consists of an idea of milk captured in time, hinting at the festival's real-time focus - with strong typography overlaying the b/w image with a screaming bright colour. The milk idea came from Mundi, while Jónas photographed, I did the type design and typography and Jónas, Sveinn and I worked together on the production of the printed material and website.
The posters and printed material were printed in two colour offset, black and a bright PMS 805 by an environmental friendly printer.
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The main poster for the festival.