Kögra Typeface
School Project
Opentype Font/Posters
Kögra is a display typeface I made in The Iceland Academy of the Arts under Gunnar Þór Vilhjálmsson from quite a unique process, starting with one obsolete Icelandic word, I did not know and was not allowed to research formally. The project was to imagine what I thought the word meant and work from there in designing a typeface.

My result was a typeface inspired by fractals, which make up the building blocks of the entire typeface, snowflakes, paper, scale and the illogical. The typeface consists only of capital letters with Icelandic extra characters and punctuation characters, and is designed to be used in large print.

I used it later in a poster for the Breakbeat.is poster project and as a headline typeface for Skinfaxi.
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This is an A2 specimen poster I made after completing the typeface.