H&M Divided Pattern Design
H&M Divided/Forynja
I was commissioned through Naked Ape/Forynja to make some prints for the swedish clothing giant H&M and this is the product that came out of it. A cardigan and jersey pants that together make a very neu-ravey uniform.

My original illustrations were in completely different colors and I made many proposals that weren't chosen but I was happy to see something I made being produced in such a massive scale. The designs were supposed to be in a neu-rave or techno style so for a lot of my proposals I made patterns with as many patterns in them I saw fit - the produced ones fall into that category.

The clothing hit stores in fall 2007 and other people to take part in this collection were Siggi Eggertsson and Steed Lord.
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My patterns were used as overall prints for this piece.