Ari Eldjárn – Grín Skrín
Ari Eldjárn
CD packaging
Ari Eldjárn is from a line of great icelandic gentlemen. His grandfather was Kristján Eldjárn, one time president of Iceland and his father is Þórarinn Eldjárn, renowned author and poet.
I first met Ari when he worked as a copywriter as a colleague of mine. Now he is focusing more on his career as a comedian and this compact disc, entitled Grín Skrín, which is icelandic spelling for green screen but grín also means 'joke', was his debut cd in that field.
He asked me to do the cover and I rendered his face somewhere between roman statue and 1930's airbrush in the cover illustration.
Because the CD, mainly sold in bookshops and music stores, needed to stand out from its surroundings and be relatively cheap in production as well, I decided to use only the colour black and my favourite colour, PMS 805 neon orange/red/pink. The disc was folded into a four-fold, one-piece cover with clever cuts to hold it in place.
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Ari is now working full time as a comedian and writer.