Eymundsson Christmas
Posters/Point-of-sale decorations
The icelandic Santa is not one but 13 colourful characters. These Yule Lads as they are called in english were first not gift givers but thieves and pranksters who stole meat from pantries, slammed doors, licked pots and other mischief.
Today they have somewhat merged with the western aesthetic of the Santa Clause but still have their character, shape and history.
In this wrapping-paper and gingerbread inspired promotional material for Christmas season at Eymundsson bookstores, I illustrated the Yule brothers marching to town, giving kids presents in their shoe (an icelandic tradition), as well as other activities.
Other characters are the reading snowman, a reindeer and Jólakötturinn, an evil icelandic christmas cat who eats you if you do not have new clothes to wear on christmas.
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The Idea was wrapping-paper-inspired, with small snowy islands of gingerbread and Yule Lads.