Bask Wall Illustration
Ca.4x7m cut vinyl on wall
This is an illustration based on my take on cross stitching patterns, for a wall in a fashion boutique in Reykjavík, Bask. The image is a landscape of Svalbard, my cold Mecca in the north, with a polar bear protruding in the foreground, and a man on a dog-sled in the distance.
The method is, as explained in my older cross stitch pattern illustrations, a grayscale mapping of grid-based icons, corresponding to grayscale pixel in an image.
The wall is about seven meters by four and the illustration was vinyl cut in a 'Dodger Blue' colour and placed directly on the wall.
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The original illustration, detail. About 2 years after this was made, I saw people doing similar things with some sort of filter on the internet. After seeing this I decided never to do this again, as it was made quite manually.