Iceland Airwaves
Mr. Destiny/Jónsson & Le'Macks
Posters/Printed material
Iceland Airwaves is the single largest annual event in Reykjavík, with thousands of foreigners and more thousands of locals attending this great music festival each October which promotes up-and-coming icelandic bands, and brings the freshest international artists each year.
I stepped in Sveinbjörn Pálsson's shoes this year, for he has been the art director for the festival the past few years, as the project came to me through Jónsson & Le'Macks, an advertising agency in Reykjavík.
The illustrations sprung from my take on old aviation posters, intertwined with musical instruments.
I made various sized posters for the event, as well as flyers, a pamphlet with the schedule and various other promotional material.
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One of the three main posters, detail.